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Contributed by various family members

Older pictures, up to about 1920: Bockeneks
Click to View   Click to View     Click to View   Regina, Sarah, Sam
Samuel Bockenek's
Birth Certificate
Sarah Bockenek's
Birth Certificate
  Regina Bockenek's passport
to America
Regina Bockenek with
Sarah and Sam in 1892/3.
Joseph, Rosalia, Simeon Regina and Julius Kreinces Adelaide and Haddie Marriage Certificate
  Joseph, Simeon, Rosalia Bockenek
Parents and Brother of Jacob
Regina Bockenek Kreinces and
Julius Kreinces.
Adelaide Cohan and Haddie Goldfinger. Adelaide and Albert Cohan
Marriage Certificate
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Citizenship papers
Jacob Bockenek
Letter of recommendation
Jacob Bockenek
Marriage Contract (Signatures) 1889
Jacob Bockenek, Rele Tobias
Jacob Bockenek
Marriage certificate
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Bockeneks, 1916      


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