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What's new, Spring 2006.


Fuller information on Chaim Chervin (Mariupol), see the overview p;age.

Roman Shparber is descended from a Leizer Chervin from Sladkovodnoe.

Very extensive additions to the French Chervin lines based mainly on the site GeneaNet, but we got through only a fraction of the material available. This is an old family line associated mainly with the Allier region, traceable to the 17th century.


Rodrigo Benzaquen has added some names to the Argentina line, and we hope to hear more.

On a tip by Pavel Bernshtam we did a search on-line for telephone listings for Chervin in Israel.

We have the Soviet Award Card for Yakov Chervin via Pavel Bernshtam.

From Rodrigo Benzaquen we have considerable clarification within the Argentina line, and a nice picture of Flora Beder de Chervin's family.

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What's new, Winter 2006.


U.S. immigrants, 1891 (Castle Garden Database).


More English census data: 1851/61/71/91, 1901, from Stew Cherlin. See our overview page for W. European Chervins.

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