Elye Velvel

Elye Velvel

Earliest identified ancestor of the Vilna line, Chervin or Czerwin while in the Vilna area, Cherlin after arrival in the U.S.

Elye is sitting outdoors before a large white cloth.
His yarmulke is of a type worn in the Vilna area.
The setting is unusual. This is not studio photography.
The stone structure visible behind him on his left is intriguing.

Adam Cherlin comments that the coat shows that he was a Mitnaged rather than Chasid, as the Chasidim wore coats which buttoned "backwards".

If there are any photography experts who can make their own deductions by examining the picture, we would like to hear from them (webmaster@cherlin.org).

Passed down from Lotteh Cherlin to Lillian (Hyman's daughter), and now in the personal collection of Hope Zimmerman, Inferential evidence suggests it would have been taken prior to 1906, and very likely about that time.

Digitized by Dave Cherlin, January 2005.

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