Jewish immigration to Argentina

Significant Jewish immigration to Argentina around 1900 is linked to the establishment of Jewish agricultural colonies in the province of Entre Rios (possibly inspired in part by the earlier Ukrainian colonies set up by the Russian government after 1846).

An overview of the subject (for genealogists) is given by Gabriel Braunstein.

He notes that the 200,000 Jews of Argentina are about half the total Jewish population of Latin America.

He distinguishes four periods:

The second period begins with the offer of land for Jewish agricultural colonization by the Argentinan government in 1881 and colonization begins in 1889 with the arrival of 820 Jewish colonists from Podolia, going to the province of Santa Fe (Moises Ville or Kiryat Moshe).

The JCA was founded in 1891 (funded by Baron Hirsch).

For details see the cited article, which also provides the following table of 18 colonies and dates of foundation.

Colony Year Province
Moises Ville 1889 Santa Fe
Mauricio 1892 Buenos Aires
Clara 1892 Entre Rios
San Antonio 1892 Entre Rios
Lucienville 1894 Entre Rios
Montefiore 1902 Santa Fe
Baron Hirsh 1905 Bs. As/La Pampa
Lopez and Berro 1907 Entre Rios
Santa Isabel 1908 Entre Rios
Curbelo and Moss 1908 Entre Rios
Narcisse Leven 1909 La Pampa
Dora 1911 Santiago del Estero
Paimar-Yatay 1912 Entre Rios
Louis Oungre 1925 Entre Rios
Avigdor 1936 Entre Rios
Leonard Cohen 1937 Entre Rios

Source: Gabriel Braunstein, link suggested by Pavel Bernshtam

We have considerable information on the Chervin Family in Argentina (with Ukrainian origins).