Cherlin/Chervin Reference Pages: “EI” Section

Normally, you would arrive at the Reference Section via links from individual pages. But we give this overview of the existing files (possibly out of date).

Ellis Island Files

FileContent   FileContent   FileContent
CherlinEI01.html Carlin to Czyrlin (128 entries)   ChervinEI01.html Carbin to Czerwony (122 entries)   ellis01.html Cherlin/Chervin by Residence
CherlinEI02.html Garlin to Kurlin (194 entries)   ChervinEI02.html Gerwin to Krvin [Servin] (39 entries)   ellis02.html Cherlin/Chervin by Surname, Residence
CherlinEI03.html Qirlin to Sherlish (196 entries)   ChervinEI03.html Karfin to Kerpen (12 entries)   ellis04.html Cherlin/Chervin by Given Name, Arrival Date
CherlinEI04.html Sorted by Surname, then Residence   ChervinEI04.html Sarafin to Zuravin (174 entries)  
CherlinEI05.html Sorted by Given Name, then Arrival Date   ChervinEI05.html Surname/Residence  
CherlinEI06.html Sorted by Arrival Date, then Age   ChervinEI06.html Given Name/Arrival   seplow01.html Seplowitz by Surname, Arrival
CherlinEI07.html Sorted by Residence   ChervinEI07.html Arrival/Age   seplow02.html Seplowitz by Residence, Arrival
CherlinEI08.html Shirlin to Zyrlin, 90 entries   ChervinEI08.html Residence   seplow03.html Seplowitz by Arrival
CherlinEI09.html 1886-1893, just one entry   ChervinEI09.html Grewinn to Jarvn [Zarvn] (5 entries)   seplow04.html Seplowitz immigration records, by Surname
CherlinEI-s1.html Misprints or unusual spellings   ChervinEI10.html Kerwan to Kurafin (15 entries)   NYIExclusionCodes.html Codes for exclusion at Ellis Islan
  ChervinEI11.html Czerwin Immigration, 1886-1893 (9 entries)  
  ChervinEI12.html Serbin to Serwinsky (118 entries)  
  ChervinEI13.html Sharapan to Zurawin (28 entries)  
  ChervinEI14.html Cherwinska, Czerwinsky  

Last update: Spring 2014