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Two Czerwin family members, Bialystok

Dawid CZERVIN Birth: 1866 File 34 Father: Szmuel Film #1191933

Lomza, Ostroleka gubernia

Surname Given name Year Type
Czerwin Jakub 1834 Death
Czerwin Mosiek Aron 1836 Death
Czerwin Moszek 1837 Death
Czerwin Abram 1841 Death
Czerwin Dyna 1841 Death
Czerwin Dawid 1865 Death
Czerwin Fejga 1866 Death
Czerwin Abram Chaim 1854 Birth


Eliezer CZERWIN Source: JewishGen Yizkor Book Necrology

Immigration Records: Ellis Island


Hilel CZERVIN Born ca. 1868 1904, Ellis Island Aged 36 First name transcribed "Milel"

Ostrolenka, Poland

Velvel CZERVIN Born ca. 1882 1907, Ellis Island Aged 25 Name on manifest: Welwel Cousin S. Rifkin

Racewin, Unidentified

Wolf CZERVIN Born ca. 1866 1907, Ellis Island Aged 40 Brother Harry Zerwin


Brane CZERWIN Born ca. 1877 Source: Ellis Island, 1910
Ruchel CZERWIN Born ca. 1901 Source: Ellis Island, 1910
Hersh CZERWIN Born ca. 1903 Source: Ellis Island, 1910
Aron CZERWIN Born ca. 1905 Source: Ellis Island, 1910


Rebecca CZERWIN Born ca. 1872 Source: Ellis Island, 1907
Bassie CZERWIN Born ca. 1893 Source: Ellis Island, 1907
Schmiel CZERWIN Born ca. 1897 Source: Ellis Island, 1907
Ciwie CZERWIN Born ca. 1900 Source: Ellis Island, 1907

Two Czerwin family members, Smorgon

Chaim CERVIN Born ca. 1893 1912, Ellis Island Aged 19 Surname Cervin, Father Meier Czerwin

Zabiene, Unidentified (Saviena?)

Schie CZERVIN Born ca. 1896 1911, Ellis Island Aged 15

Two Czerwin family members, Czech-American

Anna CZERWIN Born ca. 1822 U.S. Census, 1880 Aged 58; Bohemian Daughter Marie Czerwin Dwoshack , b. ca. 1859

Immigration Records: Castle Garden

Sara CZERWIN Born ca. 1854 1886, NY Aged 32 With Jospe aged 8, Kusiel aged 7, Abram 11 mos.

Polish Index of the Repressed

Aba Czerwin arrested in Bialystok by the NKVD in 1940. Born 1915, father Chaim.
Source: Steve Morse's search page via Stew Cherlin.

Yad Vashem

These documents are largely in Hebrew or Russian and thus use the spelling Tzervin or Chervin most commonly.

For an overview see our Index Page for the Yad Vashem Chervin-related records. See particularly the Lomza lines.

Lomza 1

Lomza 2

(We omit the third Lomza line, which was submitted by Sara Levovich Chervin, who probably married in the US.)

Yizkor Books

Lomza, 1952

Yitzhak Czerwin