Czerwin Family: U.S.
Historic, other than SSDI



Information Source
Edmund J. Married in Queens
Aug. 6, 1930
NYC Grooms Index
Srul (form of Israel) Z. J. D. Aug 8, 1913, aged 20,
Manhattan, #23853.
NYC Death Records
Waleria D. July 1, 1919, aged 54
Kings Co., #15108
NYC Death Records
Baltimore Immigration
Johann Czerwin Immigrated U.S. Dec. 4, 1909, Baltimore, aged 18.  
NY Immigration, Castle Garden Database
Sara Czerwin Immigrated U.S. 1886, U.S. aged 32 With Jospe, Kusiel, Abram.

Sources: NYC Death Records and Grooms Records via Stew Cherlin