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Here you will find all the information we have on specific Cherlin lines and related lines, in most cases descended from lines in the Pale of Settlement with the name Cherlin or Tsirlin. If you are looking for a particular relative try the search engine first. However some information is password protected, so you may be able to find additional information by identifying the line you are interested in and requesting a password for additional access.

We have a number of tables of contents that sort out the information according to surname and geographical origins or current location.

On this page we give an overview of a number of the lines, arranged by the Surname as currently used (or as found in the documentation).

Line Current
Origin Ancestor Sources
Australian Line Australia Russia via England Bennett Cherlin
b. ca. 1840
Malcolm Cherlin
Bobruisk Line U.S. (Weiner) Russia Lazar Cherlin
b. ca. 1820
Andrew I. Sverdlove
Derazne Line Israel: Rishon L'Tzion Derazne, Rowno district, Volhynia (Wolyn) Tzvi Hirschel d. ca. 1925. Rabbi Gorr of Jerusalem via Carlton Brooks
English Line
(Michael Joseph)
English Unknown Michael Joseph Cherlin ca. 1920? Carol Harding
Gluboke (Hlybokae) Line Jerusalem, Israel Gluboko, Vilna gubernia (Unknown) Rabbi Gorr of Jerusalem via Carlton Brooks
Koydanovo Line U.S. Russia Naomi Cherlin/Levy, son b. 1868 Amy Frey
Lutsk Line U.S. Poland Leib Cherlin
b. ca. 1852
Believe linked to
St. Petersburg Line
Len Cherlin
Judi Sue Meisner, Kevin Meisner
Minsk Line U.S.; Cherlin and Chirlin Minsk gubernia Morris
b. ca. 1863
imm. 1905 NYC
Stanley Blum and Louise Ann Cotner
+Ellis Island, Census, SSDI
Rowno Line Israel Rowno, Poland Shlomo Yad Vashem, Yitzhak Cherlin
Novgorod Line Russia, Israel Novogorod?
arrived SP after 1900
b. ca. 1840?
(If Leib's father)
Alex and Vladimir Cherlin
Believed linked
to Lutsk Line
Szumowo Line Israel Szumowo (Shomova) Mark Cherlin Regina Cherlin, via Rabbi Gorr to Carlton Brooks
Svir/Vilna Line U.S. Vilna gubernia ca. 1900
Chervin or Czerwin
Vilna, Svir ca. 1900
Elye Velvel
b. ca. 1837
Dave, Estelle, Stew Cherlin
Zara Cohan
Plisa/Disna line U.S.(Cherlyn)
Israel (Tsirlin)
Vilna gubernia Baruch Tsirlin
b. ca. 1830
Dawn Cherlyn; Disna Yizkor book
California line U.S. Russia Barnet or Beryl Tsyrlin, U.S. immigrant Diane Chirlin Levine
Druje line U.S. Vilna gubernia Max Mordcha
b. 1882, Vitebsk
Paul Chirlin
Smorgon Line Argentina, Israel Smorgon and Svir, Vilna gub. Leizer Cyrlin b. ca. 1875 Sara Gordon Konig, via Mario Konig
Minsk lines U.S. Minsk gubernia Early 19th c., surname Tzerlin.
Son Isroll, grandson Samuel
Carlton Brooks
Valk Israel Estonia Zoroch Tserlin
b. early 1800s
Kreuzburg (Krustpils)
Markvid Tserlin
via Miki Tserlin
Minsk U.S. Minsk Boris Tserlin Yad Vashem
Mikhail Tserlin
Refusenik U.S. Soviet Union Mikhail Tserlin Rabbi Gorr
via Carlton Brooks
Disna Israel Vilna gubernia Girsha Tsirlin, son b. ca. 1810 JewishGen (revision lists) and Disna Yizkor book
Israel Glebokie district, Vilna gubernia Wolf (Zev) Tsirlin Research by Rabbi Gorr
communicated by Carlton Brooks
Moscow Line Israel (Tuval) Moscow Ilya Yoganovich Tsirlin
David Tuval
Parafianov U.S. Near Dokshitzy
Glebokie district, Vilna gubernia
Father of Avraham Anshel and grandfather of Chaya Aaron Israel Ginzburg
St. Petersburg Various post-1900 records
Ukraine NY, Moscow, St. Petersburg Ukraine early 1900's Leiba Tsirlin, imm. NY 1993 Michael George Tsirlin
Yad Vashem Listings Pale of Settlement, various (= Tsirlin, written in Hebrew)
Line Current
Origin Ancestor Sources

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