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We aim to provide a central location for reporting genealogical research on Chervin family lines and any closely related lines.

Information or queries may be sent to webmaster chervin.org .

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The site was inauguraed in January 2004 with very little on it, other than the Vilna line with which we began and some Ellis Island data. It has been enriched considerably since then by outside contributions, notably from South America. We have also posted extensive listings of individuals (mostly in the U.S.). Some family members have since helped us begin to sort out the lines.

A number of French, Russian, and Israeli lines are virtually unrepresented here but will be documented as we receive information.

On the U.S. side there is a great deal of variation in the names used by descendants of Chervins (cyrillic) or Czerwins (Polish spelling). This all remains to be clarified. We have a table of information on the variations found in Ellis Island records.

This page is an outgrowth of the work done by David and Estelle on Cherlin genealogy, followed by Stew Cherlin's discovery that this is actually a chapter in Chervin genealogy. This is all described in a survey on the Cherlin page.

The Cherlin family page is now highly developed, as a result of numerous contributions from around the world. Over time we hope to develope the Chervin page just as fully, with your help.

Family members (of any remotely related line) are invited to contribute genealogical information as well as

and so forth.

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Our Home Page contains various links of general interest, and a search engine for our own pages.

For exploration of the Chervin family lines the most useful page, other than the search engine, is the Table of Contents page.

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