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Here you will find all the information we have on specific Chervin lines and related lines, in most cases descended from lines in the Pale of Settlement with the name Chervin or Czerwin. We also provide listings of individuals for whom we have little or no genealogical information.

If you are looking for a particular relative try the search engine first. However some information is password protected, so you may be able to find additional information by identifying the line you are interested in and requesting a password for additional access.

The main lines are organized by the location of origin or current location. The individuals are listed by current surname. The Table of Contents gives a more detailed listing.

Main Lines, by Location
Vilna Line
Text or Illustrated
Ocherediansky Line
South America
Argentina Costa Rica Uruguay Venezuela
Eastern Europe
Vilna region
Ukraine/Israel Pale of Settlement
(Yad Vashem)
Other Russia/Ukraine

Individuals, C
Cerwin Cherven Chervin Chervinkov Cherwin Czerwien Czerwin
U.S. Cerwins Harry Cherven U.S. Chervins
Canada Chervins
W. Europe: France, Other
E. Europe, Russia:

Israel (telephone directory)
Yad Vashem Listings
U.S. Holocaust Museum name search
Bohemia U.S.: SSDI
NYC Grooms Index
U.S. Czerwien
Czerwien: Lublin, Warsaw, Lodz
Russian Pale and Czechoslovakia
U.S.: SSDI, Misc.
Individuals, S: Serbin
North America U.S. Immigrants Francophone (non-Canadian) Israeli and Russian
Individuals, T
Tzerzinski Tzirvin
U.S. Immigration 1891, Marriage, Vilna, 1858

Ellis Island Data Czerwin variants

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