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Estonia/Israel Line: Tserlin and Tzerlin

The founder of the Estonian branch of the Tserlin (Tsirlin, Tzerlin) family, Zoroch Tserlin, was born in Krustpils, Latvia (German name Kreizburg). At the beginning of the nineteenth century he moved to the town of Valk, or Valga, in Estonia.

Zoroch Tserlin had two grandchildren, David (1874-1916), and Isaac.

David Tserlin had four children, and Isaac had one.

Several of their grandchildren live in Israel. Details below:

The forms Tserlin and Tzerlin correspond to the forms used in Estonia and Israel respectively, and specifically to the change to the Hebrew alphabet.

Zoroch Tserlin

Born in Latvia, moved to Estonia, beginning of the 19th c. Founder of the line. Descendants:

Source: Markvid Tserlin, communicated by Miki Tzerlin.

Valk (Valga)

The name was Valk until the 1917 revolution. From 1919 the town was divided into a Latvian part, again called Valk, and an Estonian part, called Valga.

During the period of annexation of the Baltic states by the Soviet Union the town was reunified. Since 1992 the town has once more been divided into Latvian and Estonian parts.

Map of modern Latvia.

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