Chervin Family: Geography
Bialystok-Warsaw Region (esp. Goworowo, Sierpc, Zielun)
Dawidgrodek Area (Polesie)
Vilno Area, Mariopol Area
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Bialystok Locations:

  • Goworowo Line
  • Goworowo, *Krosniewicze (or *Krasna Wies?), Mysznice
  • 1st Lomza Line
  • Lomza, Ostrolęka, Rozan, Goworowo
  • 2nd Lomza Line
  • Lomza, *Radzyn
  • 3rd Lomza Line
  • Stawisk, Lomza
  • Makow Mazowiecki
  • Ostrolęka, *Ogony, *Sadykierz, *Rozan
  • 1st Ostrolęka Line
  • Czerwin, Ostrolęka
  • 2nd Ostrolęka Line
  • Goworowo, *Bialystok, Ostrolenko

These locations are visible on the map below, with the exception of the starred items.

Rozan and Sadykierz are visible along with Goworowo in this more detailed selection. Ogony is just next to Mlynarze but is not shown.

Krasna Wies is off to the east a bit. Radzyn is off to the south, visible on the broader view. Bialystok is a major city off to the northeast.

All of this is around the point where Warszawa, Lublin, and Bialystok gubernias meet (as marked by the river We have put all of this on the Bialystok side. Some of our "Warsaw" lines are more to the northwest of Warsaw, or in Warsaw itself, but the 2nd Warsaw line is continuous with these, and the collateral lines (FRIDER) lie on the Bialystok side.

Czerwin Area

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Polesie Locations:

  • Nachmanowicz family
  • Pinsk, Davidgrodek

Warszawa Locations:

  • Zielun Line (WITTENBERG)
  • Zielun, Zuromin
  • 1st Warsaw Line (EIERWEISS)
  • Warsaw
  • 2nd Warsaw Line (BERGAZIN, CZERWIN)
  • Sierpc, Krasnosielc

Volhynia Locations:

  • Halperin Family
  • Kremenec

Novogrodek Locations:

  • Lipkin/Kasmeiewicz Families
  • Korlicze (Karelicy), Lubcza (Ljubca)

Wilno Locations:

  • Bindman Line

For Krasnosielc see the Czerwin area map above. This city is easily confused with several others, and goes under various names in our table.

Zielun Area

Sierpc Area

Location of

Location of

Nowogrodek Area

Ukrainian Locations: