Chervin Family, from the Yad Vashem records


Goworowo Line

1st Lomza Line

2nd Lomza Line

3rd Lomza Line

Chomond Line

Miriam Chana CZERWIEN b. Sadykierz 1907 married Abraham Yakov Chomond and settled in Ogony, by Mlynarze.

1st Ostrolęka Line

2nd Ostrolęka Line

Nowogrodek Line

Sarah CZERWIN (Israel) neé Lipkin. Daughter of Mordechai Eliyahu LIPKIN and Rosa KASMAN. Brothers Michael and David, sisters Rivka and Lea. Presumably born about 1925.

Polesie Line

Feiga CHERVIN married Eizel (Yitzhak) NACHMANOWICZ b. 1905; Dawidgrodek (Dod Horodok).

Kremenec Line, Volhynia

Ester CZERWIN b. 1905 married Aharon HALPERIN b. 1905.

Warsaw Lines


Chana EIERWEIS (source) married an Unknown CHERVIN.


Berl CZERWIN b. 1900 married Chava BERGAZIN b. 1906. From Krasnosielc.


Malka WITTENBERG (Ramat-Gan, Israel) married an Unknown CHERVIN. Probably born about 1910, submitted information to Yad Vashem in 1957.

Wilno Line

Ukrainian Lines

1st Mariopol Line

A fuller summary based on Pavel Bernshtam's research is found here. See his genealogy page

2nd Mariopol Line

Nadezhnaya Line

Sladkovodnoye Line

This line is connected with the Shparber family, listed here.

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